Tuesday, April 02, 2013


NBC MEET THE PRESS ON SUNDAY MARCH 31ST 2013 DEBATED SAME-GENDER MARRIAGE.  Even though people all around the globe, except in a few other western European nations, would be laughing at us as our gutless politicians and fame-and-fortune-seeking social engineers are struggling to re-define a universally-recognized, simple word "MARRIAGE" for something that it is not! 

There are certain nature-designed realities in this world which man cannot alter. Take the example of magnets, you cannot make two north poles to attract each other. Have you ever seen a car battery with two positive poles? Similarly, you know that the basic operating elements in a computer system are a 1 and a 0, and it does not work with two "ones" or two "zeros."  

What is the problem with our leaders in all our vital institutions? Why are they all so corrupt and afraid of public opinion polls conducted by corrupt people who have no idea about the qualifications of people taking part in such polls. Most average American has no clue about who his Congressman/women and Senator are or how much money the federal government is spending during the current year! 

An honest, fearless free press is absolutely necessary for a functioning, civilized democracy. The purpose of a free press is to seek and publish the truth so that people will be informed and choose the right thing to do.  But America is a land of opportunity and long time ago the "press people" recognized this and they abandoned TRUTH in order to acquire political power and make profit.  

The American press has been engaged in a systematic assault on other vital institutions like religion, businesses and traditional cultural institutions in order to diminish their power and make them irrelevant.  For the last three decades they have been "the king-makers" by manipulating truth and misguiding voters to vote against their own long-term interests.  As a result our country is facing a serious economic disaster. 

Our national press can destroy honest and capable political candidates within a few hours after they announce that they are running for office.  They can also make a super-star out of a candidate who has little or no qualification for the office for which he is running. 

We need a "fundamental departure," a departure from our wicked ways of destroying our fellow-man and stealing his properties allegedly for re-distribution, while poverty and suffering never ends. And that departure has to start at the top - from The President down to the lowest level clerk in Government, and all those institutions engaged in serving the people. 

Let us do that, for our sake, for our children's sake and for God's sake.

The Blogtrotter

April 2, 2013

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