Saturday, February 21, 2015



Watch out, these are "the Choke Brothers" and unlike  "the Koch Brothers" who have been reviled and demonized time and time again by the lunatic left fringe and their patrons in the United States Senate, these souls are not friends of the so-called "middle class." 

After the 2006 mid-term election, the man in the front who is rich and powerful, and the senior U.S.Senator from Nevada assumed the majority leadership with power to paralyze senate legislation.  Simultaneously his cohort Nancy Pelosi assumed the speaker-ship in The House, and together they made George W. Bush a one-and-a-half term president.  And the presidency went to the rats:

The greatest contribution of the Democ-rat Party is continuous, on ongoing
taxation and tax increases.  Remember, government does not create money,
which is "wealth" and that is done in the "PUBLIC" sector ironically and falsely called "private" sector. 

The truth is that ALL WEALTH (MONEY) is created at the non-governmental economic sector called "capitalism." Those who work create wealth. Those who work for the government too create wealth. But unless billions of dollars are collected from The CAPITALISTIC economy and transferred to the government there will not be any means of paying for those who work for the government, unless of course you borrow money!

And that brings us to THE CHOKE BROTHERS - Charles and Harry - whose job was to choke the American taxpayers until they dole out their last penny.  But the 2014 mid-term elections diminished their choke-hold on American tax-payers who were crying out "I CAN'T BREATHE, I CAN'T BREATHE."  

The TAXRACKET is the largest and most corrupt political infrastructure in the world.  In the simplest definition members of this political racket include all those benefit from the current IRS code (with its 75,000 pages of rules and regulations), including the rich, the poor, government employees, the academia, the unions and all other individuals and institutions who are not paying income tax at all or NOT PAYING "THEIR FAIR SHARE."

The only way we can remedy this NATIONAL SHAME is by completely revamping the IRS tax code and implementing a simple tax system which requires everyone to pay tax.

The Blogtrotter
Feb: 21, 2015

As we celebrate 'BLACK HISTORY MONTH" I want to salute one of America's greatest intellectuals and the foremost Economist - Dr. Thomas Sowell.

Monday, July 29, 2013



My local newspaper donated it's Saturday, July 27th, 2013 editorial page to publish what President Barack H. Obama thinks is his prescription to help "THE MIDDLE CLASS." The Times Union, a Hearst paper proudly claims that Obama's office "offered this piece" exclusively for the paper in New York. I am sure every newspaper in the country has also received the same message - which is actually a summary of his rehabilitation message he started marketing around the country early this week.  What a pity for himself and for the people of America, once a great country, but now drowning in debt - half of which is Obama debt! 

I have a question for the publisher and the editors of Times Union, have you read the speech? Have you noticed any incongruity in his claims?  How much of it is TRUE? He claims he saved the auto industry! He borrowed quite a few billion dollars from the Chinese and gave it to the UAW which squandered all the money that was supposed to be in the pension fund! How many Chrysler dealership employees lost their jobs when almost 900 dealerships were forced to close? Obama is against all forms of fossil fuels but he takes credit for all the natural gas produced by fracking on private lands! He refuses to bring in cheaper oil from Canada – talk about helping the middle class! 

In fact it is the HEARST NEWSPAPER that failed to tell the American people what Obama, then a virtually unknown Illinois senator, had in store for Americans.  Remember your interview with him in your San Francisco headquarters where he said "UNDER MY PLAN THE ENERGY PRICES WILL NECESSARILY SKYROCKET!" Did you ask him why? Did you tell him that energy is needed by every single soul in America and that his dream will wreck the lives of every American? As a newspaper protected by the First Amendment, it was your sacred duty to publish THE TRUTH!  If you had, somebody else would have been occupying the White House.  

Having worked in the healthcare system for more than thirty-eight years I take offense from anyone in America condemning our existing healthcare system as broken!  There are 195 countries in the world and I challenge anyone in your editorial staff to show me a country where "the poor" get a better health care than in the United States.  If it is broken those who are responsible are the law-makers, government bureaucracies, trial lawyers and last the American news industry which is no longer interested in telling the truth because truth is stranger than fiction.  

And about Obama's Rx for "The Middle Class," who are the middle class?  When any Democrat or even a few Republican politicians utter the word middle-class, we know there is another election coming! 

In my next post I am going to write in detail about America's present class system! Here are they (1) The Super-top, (2) the Ruling Class, (3) the Bureau Class, (4) the Lap-dog Community and (5) The Vanishing Breed (formerly known as "the middle-class") - those who are clinging on to the Constitution and their God-given freedoms, working hard in the private sector, creating the products and services Americans need every day, extending a helping hand to those who need it, and are willing and determined to preserve, protect and defend the country from all enemies - foreign and domestic! 

The Blogtrotter
JANUARY 1st, 2015

Wednesday, July 17, 2013



Mr. President, for almost four years before the election you were running around the country with your teleprompter and your pre-fabricated speeches promising the country that you are going to turn America into heaven on earth and millions of Americans believed it and they sent you to the White House.

I knew that it would be an impossible task, but at least for putting an end to the race industry's exploits costing billions of tax dollars every year, I thought that the son of a black "African" father and a white "American" mother, you would be the best qualified man in America to bring about racial harmony. 

After four-and-a-half years, you have only made matters worse.  Just let me give two examples. 

Right after the incident involving a black professor trying to break into his own home and his confrontation with the Boston police, you said "the police acted stupidly!" Then there was the Trayvon Martin case which was investigated and concluded as a regular crime or killings taking place in Chicago and other parts of America,  but the press and the race industry elevated it into a "national disgrace incident" and you jumped in stating "if I had a son he would have looked like Trayvon!"  

Mr. President, everything you touch turns into an economic disaster for America. After watching carefully what is happening in America for the last 40 years I have come to the conclusion that you are the best friend for the rich corporations, big and greedy labor unions, big bureaucracy, the big academia industry and all the rest of THE AMERICAN TAX RACKET - several groups of people who use governments' tax collection to make a guaranteed comfortable living, at the expense of millions of ordinary Americans.  You don't care for the millions of average individuals and families who are not working for the big government bureaucracy, do you? 

You have doubled the national debt, you are destroying our health-care system, you are about to embark on tripling our energy cost, what is wrong with you, dude? Get rid of your crazy advisers and your crazy SOVIET DREAMS, come to your senses, be an American. 

In the matter of Mr. Eric Holder now itching to go after George Zimmerman, I see this as an attention diversion scheme cleverly devised by you to escape your election scandals - misuse of IRS to destroy the peaceful tea party protesters, breaking into the e-mails of journalists, Benghazi blunder and the NSA over reach.  We need a "clean president" more than a "cleaner environment." In the past I have heard several democrat leaders, including Nancy Pelosi saying to George W. Bush "come clean Mr. President.  Now it is your turn, dude!

The Blogtrotter

Januaary 1st, 2015

Friday, June 21, 2013


Ever since the IRS admitted that they have been targeting the Tea Party groups for curtailing their political activities, there have been wide spread calls from members of those groups for "abolishing" the IRS. For many years I have been hearing this call to action by tax-strapped Americans but nothing shakes this government agency whose purpose is to "to bring home the bacon" for Uncle Sam!

What every taxpaying American should remember is that the IRS is the creation of the Congress and unless a large majority of the members of both the House and the Senate feels the necessity of finding an alternative system to finance the government operations, nothing will change.  The only way The Congress will feel the heat is when they are convinced that in the next election 500 members of the 535-member body are going to be replaced.  Will that ever happen in America? NO! And why? Here are the reasons:


America is in serious trouble, unless people wake up and act to save this wonderful country we too will end up like many other great world powers that vanished and became another chapter in the recorded history of this planet.

The Blogtrotter
Jan: 1st, 2015

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


NBC MEET THE PRESS ON SUNDAY MARCH 31ST 2013 DEBATED SAME-GENDER MARRIAGE.  Even though people all around the globe, except in a few other western European nations, would be laughing at us as our gutless politicians and fame-and-fortune-seeking social engineers are struggling to re-define a universally-recognized, simple word "MARRIAGE" for something that it is not! 

There are certain nature-designed realities in this world which man cannot alter. Take the example of magnets, you cannot make two north poles to attract each other. Have you ever seen a car battery with two positive poles? Similarly, you know that the basic operating elements in a computer system are a 1 and a 0, and it does not work with two "ones" or two "zeros."  

What is the problem with our leaders in all our vital institutions? Why are they all so corrupt and afraid of public opinion polls conducted by corrupt people who have no idea about the qualifications of people taking part in such polls. Most average American has no clue about who his Congressman/women and Senator are or how much money the federal government is spending during the current year! 

An honest, fearless free press is absolutely necessary for a functioning, civilized democracy. The purpose of a free press is to seek and publish the truth so that people will be informed and choose the right thing to do.  But America is a land of opportunity and long time ago the "press people" recognized this and they abandoned TRUTH in order to acquire political power and make profit.  

The American press has been engaged in a systematic assault on other vital institutions like religion, businesses and traditional cultural institutions in order to diminish their power and make them irrelevant.  For the last three decades they have been "the king-makers" by manipulating truth and misguiding voters to vote against their own long-term interests.  As a result our country is facing a serious economic disaster. 

Our national press can destroy honest and capable political candidates within a few hours after they announce that they are running for office.  They can also make a super-star out of a candidate who has little or no qualification for the office for which he is running. 

We need a "fundamental departure," a departure from our wicked ways of destroying our fellow-man and stealing his properties allegedly for re-distribution, while poverty and suffering never ends. And that departure has to start at the top - from The President down to the lowest level clerk in Government, and all those institutions engaged in serving the people. 

Let us do that, for our sake, for our children's sake and for God's sake.

The Blogtrotter

April 2, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The TAXRACKET is the most powerful, destructive socio-economic and political force in the world.  It is an American super-force whose destructive power can be compared to an F-5 tornado or an earthquake recording a 9 on the Richter-scale.

The Taxracket has brought down the world's most powerful and the richest country - America - to the brink of bankruptcy.  This super-structure is made up of several individual special interest groups (gangs), all deriving their source of power from TAXES.  And so we will call them THE TAXRACKET.

Unlike natural disasters which do not discriminate people by rich and poor or young and old, the taxracket protects its own members from the effects of its devastating activities.  That makes it difficult for the large majority of powerless Americans to fight back and protect themselves.  In the forthcoming posts I will expose the members of the taxracket and how we can dismantle this super-force through education and peaceful political engagement. 

Unless people wake up and act in their best interest to protect their freedoms and their belongings we will cease to exist as a decent, generous, powerful and viable nation.

The Blogtrotter
Feb: 26, 2013

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky deserves the GRATITUDE of all Americans who cherish the fundamental RIGHTS given to us by our founding fathers and documented in the BILL OF RIGHTS.
Perhaps it was DIVINE INTERVENTION, by an impending nasty winter storm which forced the entire Washington estabishments to close all regular activities, that allowed Senator Paul to get the entire Senate floor for the whole 13 hours to demand that OBAMA administration not to use DRONES to kill any American inside the country.  By doing this he has earned the respect of a lot of people from the left and the right.
It is time for more Americans to read and understand our magnificent national treasures - THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and THE BILL OF RIGHTS.
The Blogtrotter
March 6, 2013