Saturday, February 21, 2015



Watch out, these are "the Choke Brothers" and unlike  "the Koch Brothers" who have been reviled and demonized time and time again by the lunatic left fringe and their patrons in the United States Senate, these souls are not friends of the so-called "middle class." 

After the 2006 mid-term election, the man in the front who is rich and powerful, and the senior U.S.Senator from Nevada assumed the majority leadership with power to paralyze senate legislation.  Simultaneously his cohort Nancy Pelosi assumed the speaker-ship in The House, and together they made George W. Bush a one-and-a-half term president.  And the presidency went to the rats:

The greatest contribution of the Democ-rat Party is continuous, on ongoing
taxation and tax increases.  Remember, government does not create money,
which is "wealth" and that is done in the "PUBLIC" sector ironically and falsely called "private" sector. 

The truth is that ALL WEALTH (MONEY) is created at the non-governmental economic sector called "capitalism." Those who work create wealth. Those who work for the government too create wealth. But unless billions of dollars are collected from The CAPITALISTIC economy and transferred to the government there will not be any means of paying for those who work for the government, unless of course you borrow money!

And that brings us to THE CHOKE BROTHERS - Charles and Harry - whose job was to choke the American taxpayers until they dole out their last penny.  But the 2014 mid-term elections diminished their choke-hold on American tax-payers who were crying out "I CAN'T BREATHE, I CAN'T BREATHE."  

The TAXRACKET is the largest and most corrupt political infrastructure in the world.  In the simplest definition members of this political racket include all those benefit from the current IRS code (with its 75,000 pages of rules and regulations), including the rich, the poor, government employees, the academia, the unions and all other individuals and institutions who are not paying income tax at all or NOT PAYING "THEIR FAIR SHARE."

The only way we can remedy this NATIONAL SHAME is by completely revamping the IRS tax code and implementing a simple tax system which requires everyone to pay tax.

The Blogtrotter
Feb: 21, 2015

As we celebrate 'BLACK HISTORY MONTH" I want to salute one of America's greatest intellectuals and the foremost Economist - Dr. Thomas Sowell.