Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The TAXRACKET is the most powerful, destructive socio-economic and political force in the world.  It is an American super-force whose destructive power can be compared to an F-5 tornado or an earthquake recording a 9 on the Richter-scale.

The Taxracket has brought down the world's most powerful and the richest country - America - to the brink of bankruptcy.  This super-structure is made up of several individual special interest groups (gangs), all deriving their source of power from TAXES.  And so we will call them THE TAXRACKET.

Unlike natural disasters which do not discriminate people by rich and poor or young and old, the taxracket protects its own members from the effects of its devastating activities.  That makes it difficult for the large majority of powerless Americans to fight back and protect themselves.  In the forthcoming posts I will expose the members of the taxracket and how we can dismantle this super-force through education and peaceful political engagement. 

Unless people wake up and act in their best interest to protect their freedoms and their belongings we will cease to exist as a decent, generous, powerful and viable nation.

The Blogtrotter
Feb: 26, 2013

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky deserves the GRATITUDE of all Americans who cherish the fundamental RIGHTS given to us by our founding fathers and documented in the BILL OF RIGHTS.
Perhaps it was DIVINE INTERVENTION, by an impending nasty winter storm which forced the entire Washington estabishments to close all regular activities, that allowed Senator Paul to get the entire Senate floor for the whole 13 hours to demand that OBAMA administration not to use DRONES to kill any American inside the country.  By doing this he has earned the respect of a lot of people from the left and the right.
It is time for more Americans to read and understand our magnificent national treasures - THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and THE BILL OF RIGHTS.
The Blogtrotter
March 6, 2013